Optic Electronic  OPEA

1- Since 1973. Design and realisation of optical system for Electrons, Ions, X Rays.
Magnetic & Electrostatic..
 2- Electrons guns: thermoionic, field emission and photo émission.
 3- Cathodoluminescence systems: CL Optical and CL Sem 


CATHODYNE (TM), Cathodoluminescence with optical microscope.
  CL 55, CL 180 are CL SEM systems.

Our customers: Jeol, Cameca, Areva, CEA, IFP, Universities: Paris Grenoble, Geneva, Lausanne, ...

Recent development:

Hot CL is an Optical CL with a "HOT GUN", as an accessory of Cathodyne and it is available for somme other CL.

Reconditioning and Adaptation of the HOT GUN are available for some CL instruments on the market.